The crap is a dice game. Craps are also known as Bank Craps in casinos. Craps have the best odds that are offered in a casino. It is also very exciting. But once you know the basics of craps, you will find that it is not very difficult. Instead, it is very simple. One among the players who are participating will roll the dice on the table.

Craps: Luck Or Skill?

The most basic rule of Craps is to just predict the outcome of the two dices which will be rolled. The person who predicts the combination rightly will be the winner.  Craps, just like any other dice game, is based on pure luck or chance.

The shooter continues rolling and the players continue their betting until either the number seven is established or any other point value. After the successful rolling of seven or point value, the round finally comes to an end and a new roll starts up. The game of craps looks complex because of the various types of betting that can be placed.situs judi bola

Craps: The Basics

Craps is a board game which is played on a table which is specially designed. The table features a layout for betting and the players put their bets. The table may look very complicated at first. The boxman looks after the chips at the playing table. He also supervises the game and ensures that the game is run smoothly.

  • The stickman looks after the dice. He is in charge of the dice and passes the dices to the shooter using a stick. He is also responsible for announcing each roll’s outcome.
  • The base dealers are in charge of collecting the losing bets and pays them to the winners. To each table, usually, two base dealers are assigned. On request from certain players, the base dealers can also place bets for them.

The player rolling the dice is generally known as the shooter. The players, including the shooter, then put their bets before the dice are rolled. There are other employees of the casino who looks after each craps table. They have their particular jobs.


Playing the game of craps is a simple task. Most of the people are afraid just by looking at the board that it is not as complex as it may be seen. There are various types of craps game and learning all of them can be a hard job. For playing craps, the simple basic rules are more than enough to start playing craps and enjoy them. For more such information on betting, you can go through situs Judi bola.