Opening a Football Gambling Site that is Affected by the Positive Internet

For those of you who like to play soccer betting or what is more commonly referred to as soccer betting, there must be some sites that you usually join and play bets that have been blocked by positive internet, right? Positive internet itself is not without reason, because in Indonesia, gambling is one of the most prohibited things because it is considered unsettling in the eyes of the public. We also won’t know when the government blocks your favorite soccer gambling site.

3 Easy Ways To Open Blocked Sites

Now, before the blocking occurs, it would be nice for the players to avoid these things while learning how to enter soccer gambling sites that are exposed to positive internet. On this occasion I will share the 3 easiest ways to open it. Come see.

1. Make use of alternative links

The first, easiest way and soccer gambling players often use to reopen sites that have been blocked is to use an alternative link. For example, if you have registered and have become a member of a soccer gambling site, it is certain that a trusted agent always provides alternative links to anticipate blocking before it happens. The agents have prepared the link and even there are thousands of links so that their loyal members can play continuously.

2. Use a VPN available in the Playstore or Appstore

You need to remember that Kominfo or our government only blocks soccer gambling sites and does not close these sites. Therefore, of course, players can still open the site and still enjoy the games that have been provided in it. Regardless of the alternative link above, players can still open the site using a VPN. You can search for VPN applications on the Playstore or Appstore. Then you select the application and you can download it on your favorite cellphone. When finished downloading it, you open the application and you just have to choose which server you want to use. My suggestion is that you just choose the USA server. After selecting a server, you can access your favorite sites that have been blocked by the government.

3. Using cache from google

So, for the last method so you can access your favorite soccer gambling site that has been blocked, you can go through the Google cache. For the first step, you just go to a blocked site, even though you already know the site won’t be able to be opened. Then you navigate to the bottom page until you find the words click continue. You just click on the text and you will automatically move to the main menu of your favorite soccer gambling site.

That is the explanation or brief information that I can share about how to open a soccer gambling site that is blocked by positive internet. You no longer need to worry about playing on soccer gambling sites anymore. thanks. Happy betting!