Various Powerful Tricks to Play Online Poker to Win

A game that was popular in the past and is now gaining in popularity because it was widely played during the Covid-19 pandemic, namely Online Poker. This is a poker game commonly played in casinos all over the world, experiencing the innovation of being played online.

The spread of the corona virus makes us accustomed to doing activities at home such as school, college, work, and others. It is hoped that we will not leave the house if there is nothing important to stop the spread of this virus. So we have a lot of free time and it’s better to do things that are useful or productive.

The average person does activities in their spare time at home such as reading books, streaming movies or series, and playing games. Playing games is certainly not a productive thing, but playing poker games for real money stakes can make it very productive. Because by playing it you get money from the stakes up to billions of rupiah.

This is not nonsense because many have proven it by playing poker you can get rich. You can prove it yourself by playing it live.

Various Powerful Tricks to Play Online Poker to Win

But indeed people who take the wrong steps in playing poker end up losing big. Because there are several factors that caused them to lose. So if you are interested in winning the game of poker, you have to do it right.

Some of the factors that can make Online Poker players lose:

• Not playing on trusted online poker sites
• Don’t know the rules of playing poker
• Get carried away with emotions
• Health condition and disturbed mind
• Consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs, and so on.

Now that is what causes someone to lose at the game of poker, so you must avoid it. Do it the opposite so you can win. Or you can play poker using powerful tricks.

The trick of playing poker will develop by itself in a person because he has often played poker. Then you have to be diligent in playing poker. If you are a beginner, you can perform a number of common powerful tricks which are as follows.

Play safe

Playing it safe means that you have to pay close attention to the cards you have and place bets according to the value of your card. If the card is good, place a big bet, if you get a bad card, just fold it.

By doing this trick, you have a very big chance of winning even though it takes a long time to achieve a big win. The downside to this trick is that when your playing style reads this trick, your opponent will keep bullying you and you could lose. Change your playing style when your opponent reads it.


This is a trick of tricking your opponent into placing such a large and unnatural bet that your opponent is scared and eventually folds, you win the bet. However, it needs to be considered in doing this trick because if this trick is used too often it will be caught by the opponent.

Another disadvantage is that if you face an opponent who is willing to bet and your cards are bad, then you will lose a lot.

Lure Opponents’ Bets

This trick can only be used if you get a good hand and allow you to win the bet. Instead of placing big bets at the beginning will make many opponents fold, it is better to place bets with medium and gradual sizes. Until the last turn, then you place a big bet or all in.

You will win more money in stakes than if you bluffed at the start. But still have to be careful, don’t be too confident that your card is the best. There could be opponents who have better cards.

Those are various powerful tricks in playing online poker. Use this trick by paying attention to your opponent’s playing style and using the tricks accordingly. Wish you win a lot of money, good luck.